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About Us

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• 20 Years experiences in medical profession.

• Nathiraa Pharmacy who combined in a unique fashion, great vision, with vast knowledge of the different system of medicine.

• Our retail locations are committed to delivering innovative health solutions that create a simpler, more accessible experience for patients, customers and caregivers. Our pharmacy care teams provide trusted advice and counsel to help our patients get and stay healthy.

• Nathiraa Pharmacy sought to combine the best in all the system of medicine.

• Modern allopathy and Indian traditional medicine AYUSH.

• Our aim to provide effective drugs for customer /patients to providing efficacy,safety and economy.

Nathiraa Pharmacy provides Drug information services with reliable sources materials about medicines, diseases, Adverse drug Reaction, contra-indication and patient counseling with booklets.

• We have always belived in the common approach of prevention rather than cure only through the creation of sound health. we will be able to raise our standard of living and make definite in reducing the incidence of disease.

• The value of health is appreciated only when we lose it. Most complaints to be said to be due to improper nutrition, digestion, assimilation and elimination, mental and nervous disturbances.

• Nathiraa having solutions in our physical well being depends in large measure with proper attention to the above factors and with regulated disciplines lifestyles by knowing how to accept life philoscphically and how to take care of one's own health and the heath of those entrusted to this care.